I just wanted to let you know how efficient and responsive Mary was to a potential 'crisis' on Saturday. By midday when our thermostat started climbing to 78 degrees and was unresponsive to our setting lower temperatures, we feared that there might be a problem. By 5 it had risen to 80 degrees and would not even accept a temperature readjustment. Dreading a hot apartment when we got home and a sleepless night in the heat, we called Mary to see if there were anything she could make happen. Upon hearing the problem, she told us to SHUT OFF the A/C explaining that it might have frozen and assured us that she would send someone to address the problem. We did and she did and by the time we arrived home at 10:30, the problem had been resolved...and the apartment was cooling off. IT has continued to be fine...and it would appear that it was, indeed, frozen. Should there ever be a "next time", we will know to turn off the A/C for awhile to see whether there is a self correction. Mary deserves to be applauded for being so gracious and so effective in solving the problem. While we expressed our own appreciation, we also wanted you to know how grateful we were.

Resident in Toscana in Highland Beach - 10/21/18

We want to thank you for everything you and the Personal Home Management team has done for us since we first began working with you. You brought us peace of mind knowing our house was well taken care of when we were weren't there. If you ever need a reference, please feel free to use my name. I wish you and your team continued success and we may cross paths again in the future.

Tracey - 5/25/18

Thank you again and again! You're an angel, I have no idea how I've been doing this all this time, but I'm so glad I found you. XO

Resident of The Grove - 12/13/17

We had a huge project to do with our home and it was so nice to have someone looking out for our best interest when we were out of state. We could not be more happy with the final outcome and love coming to our home during the winter. Thanks so much for all you do!

Resident of Boca Woods - 8/7/17

Thank you for all that you do. We don't know what we would have done with some of the issues that came up with our home. Your vendors really came through and saved us.

J.S. - 1/5/17

Thanks for watching our home most of the year and prepping it when we come during the winter months. You really take the stress out of being a snowbird.

F.J.- 4/26/16

Mary and her team are awesome! Their attention to detail really reflects their commitment to top-notch customer service. They really make me feel like I'm staying at a 5 star resort when I'm looking to decompress. Recently I had an issue with my AC unit and PHM handled everything so I didn't have to worry. I recommend these guys to anyone that leaves their vacation home for more than a month at a time.

A. C. - 6/22/15

These guys are the real deal. I've been a loyal client for the past 5 years and I consider Mary a close personal friend. If you need a reliable business to look after your most valuable asset, call Personal Home Management.

D. D - 5/5/2014

The service provided by Personal Home Management is impeccable and they communicate with us on a constant basis. We never have to wonder what is going on in our home when we are not there. They make us feel as though our home is a top priority and are very professional as it relates to their services keeping every commitment they made

John Cassidy - 05/04/2011

The professionalism and the genuine care for our property that we have seen with Personal Home Management is unparalleled. We have been able to count on them to fulfil and even exceed our expectations. We trust them entirely with our home and recommend to any other homeowner.

Dave S - 1/06/2011

I strongly suggest Personal Home Management to all that are looking for professional and efficient service as it relates to the management of their homes. Personal Home Management does everything with the utmost care. It is like having family watch over things when I’m away and help when I need it when I am here. I enjoy the peace of mind knowing that they are so conscientious. I receive detailed statements as to what has been done and things that may require attention in the future

Jean Pieta - 2/01/2010

Personal Home Management makes you feel as though they are working solely for you. Whenever we are going to our vacation home, I ask Personal Home Management to prepare our house in terms of groceries, cleaning, etc. Outside of this, our home manager does weekly visits to our home ensuring that everything is okay and communicated with us. It is such a comfort to have them looking out for us.

Jill Cruz - 12/04/2008

Personal Home Management is professional in every aspect. We receive regular reports on the items that were attended to. If there were any changes, we are notified. If there is a problem, it is either handled or we are notified immediately so that we may attend to the problem. I would highly recommend Personal Home Management to any individual or company who would be in need of their services. They are professional, trustworthy and dedicated to the performance of their duties.

William Lopez - 05/12/2008

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