Are your prices competitive?

Our management fees are very competitive and reflect our expertise and commitment to excellent service. We have found that poor management can have a very high cost. When ALL fees are considered, we are actually less expensive than most companies around.

I am really nervous about racking up big maintenance expenses. How do you control expenses? Can I approve all work?

Personal Home Management always attempts to improve your bottom line, and one way is to control your expenses. We will obtain your written approval on all work performed, whether it is a simple maintenance program or a more complicated renovation. Personal Home Management ensures that there will be no hidden charges or fees, so when the bill arrives you will not be surprised.

Why choose Personal Home Management?

We are all about customer service. All customers are given the cell phone of their assigned Property Manager and are encouraged to call any time--day or night, weekdays or weekends. The bottom line is when you call us, someone will either answer or call you back within the hour. In addition, Personal Home Management prides itself in having the most professional, passionate, and knowledgeable team out there.

We use our property several times a year - why do we need a Management Agent?

You wouldn't leave your home unattended for months at a time . Not only is the property subject to the effects of possible water damage, electrical problems, weathering and vermin but if the property is not aired frequently then your furnishings may start to show signs of mold or mildew. Also, when you arrive in your second home do you really want to start cleaning - or would you prefer to arrive to a pristine and welcoming environment ready for you to relax right away? Having Personal Home Management by your side will allow you to enjoy your home instead of stressing over it.

What is the difference between care taking and property management?

Caretaking is ensuring that your property is safe and sound and that all of your systems are operating as intended. A property manager will assist the homeowner in the administration of the home. We will schedule, oversee and supervise the various maintenance, cleaning, and repair persons needed to maintain the home.

Can you start managing my properties today?

Yes. We can start the process immediately. Contact us today to set up a no obligation consultation to discuss your property in detail.

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