June 1, 2020

CORONAVIRUS: Only 4.4 Percent In Florida Have COVID Antibody

By BocaNewsNow.com

Florida Department of Health Releases Antibody Data

BOCA RATON, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) — The Florida Department of Health is releasing “antibody” data, and the report shows just 4.43-percent of those tested have the COVID-19 antibody in the State of FLorida. Conversely, 95.57-percent do NOT have the COVID-19 antibody.

By the numbers: out of 123,552 antibody tests logged by the Florida Department of Health, 5,474 people did test positive for the SARS-DoV-2 IgG antibody.

Here’s the breakdown directly from the Florida Department of Health by age group.

0-4 years of age – 18 positive, 237 negative, 1 inconclusive, 256 total tested, 7.03 percent positive.

5-14 years of age – 73 positive, 979 negative, 0 inconclusive, 1,052 total tested, 6.95 percent positive.

15-24 years of age – 344 positive, 4522 negative, 2 inconclusive, 4,868 total tested, 7.07 percent positive.

25-34 years of age – 596 positive, 10,274 negative, 3 inconclusive, 10,878 total tested, 5.48 percent positive.

35-44 years of age – 730 positive, 16,463 negative, 1 inconclusive, 17,194 total tested, 4.25 percent positive.

45-54 years of age – 1,019 positive, 21,867 negative, 3 inconclusive, 22,889 total tested, 4.45 percent positive.

55-64 years of age – 1,250 positive, 27,401 negative, 6 inconclusive, 28,657 total tested, 4.36 percent positive.

65-74 years of age – 935 positive, 24,097 negative, 5 inconclusive, 25,037 total tested, 3.73 percent positive.

75-84 years of age – 400 positive, 10,250 negative, 3 inconclusive, 10,653 total tested, 3.75 percent positive.

85+ years of age, 96 positive, 1,906 negative, 1 inconclusive, 2,003 total tested, 4.79 percent positive.

Unknown Age – 13 positive, 57 negative, 0 inconclusive, 70 total tested, 18.57 percent positive.

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