The Concierge Move

By:Barry O'Driscoll - May 1, 2013


Everyone loves the thrill of closing on a home or signing that lease agreement.  After the ink dries, the reality sets in.  The move out and move in process begins.  This, as everyone knows, can be a daunting, costly and stressful experience.  Personal Home Management has evolved with our clients to find a solution.  We have created a process to remove as much of the stress and uncertainty as is humanly possible for our clients.  We can take everything out of our client’s hands or offer a support structure that will help him or her through the process. Our moving and support services are not only helpful before and during the move, but they prove valuable well beyond the move into the settling and getting acclimated with the new area phase of the transition.

The Evolution of The Concierge Move

One of our clients had contacted Personal Home Management to help them facilitate an upcoming move, as they were looking to alleviate as much of the stress on themselves as well as their two young children as possible.  Prior to this, our service had consisted of bringing in three insured and licensed moving companies and presenting the quotes to the clients.  We always offered assistance with scheduling or any other help that the client needed.  However, with this move,  it was apparent the client really wanted someone to take the move out of his hands and manage it from start to finish. So we stepped in and took control keeping the clients informed of developments, but allowing them to distance themselves from the monitoring and organizing.  As the move progressed, we realized that the scope of the move was growing. The client had many requirements that would need our other vendors’ expertise. Licensed and insured electricians were required to take down four chandeliers and install them in the new apartment. An audio visual technician was required to install the flat screen televisions. A furniture disassembly and reassembly expert was needed to work on the large custom made furniture in the home. Painters were called in to paint the new apartment and install shelving and an office desk. Personal Home Management began to truly understand that we were bringing a truly valuable service to our clients. The aha moment came at 5pm on the day of the move in when the seven year old boy walked in to turn on the large flat screen television installed on the living room wall. His cable turned on. Then he checked his Wii console  and favorite games. His four year old sister joined him on the couch and said, “This looks just like our old living room.”  At this point we knew that our mission had been accomplished, and the comprehensive Concierge Move was something we could offer to many clients. 


What does The Concierge Move consist off? (Let’s take a typical New York move as an example)


Over time PHM has nurtured and developed strong relationships with moving companies that offer a high level of service at incredible value for our clients. They are tried and tested and will often go above and beyond to satisfy our clients. We can work with a client specified moving company or we can utilize our network and share the discount afforded to PHM by our movers with our clients.


When working with The Personal Home Management team, we will take control of the planning phase of the move. This includes:

- Obtaining insurance requirements from each building’s management company

- Obtaining certificates of insurance for all vendors

- Scheduling movers on preferred dates

- Scheduling elevator times with both building management companies as well as the superintendent for each building

-  Move utilities such as electric, cable, internet and phone.

- Schedule any other applicable vendors

- Obtain floor plans for new apartment to coordinate items for the day of the move

- Obtain additional move insurance at the client’s request

On the day of the move:

- PHM is on site the day of the move at both locations from before the first vendor arrives to after the last vendor leaves

- PHM handles all billing and payments including tips so clients only receive one bill at the end of their move  

-  PHM places furniture in place specified beforehand by client

- PHM meets with cable, internet, telephone technicians to ensure all services are installed to the specifications of the client

Post move:

- Follow up on any additional needs of the client

- Confirm all utilities and items are working as requested


Personal Home Management has an arsenal of vendors who are often called upon when moving into a property. Whatever you might think of, we have an expert we can call on to help you, and we always share our preferred pricing. Typically clients find some or all of the following additional services are often required.

-  Unpacking

- Schedule and oversee cleaning at new and old apartments

- Schedule for painters if needed

-  Audio Visual requirements such as mounting of TV’s, and reconnecting A/V equipment

- Electrician to remove/install light fixtures, dimmers, etc.

- Handymen for fixtures, curtain rods hanging art.Waiting for new furniture to arrive at new home

- Assemble new furniture   

- Area information and welcome package


By working with Personal Home Management you can make your move a smooth process. If you wish to be involved the day of the move, having us on hand will allow you to take that break or go have lunch. If busy with work, then you will have the freedom to go to your office the day of your move safe in the knowledge that your move is in good hands. We have even had clients go on vacation and returned to being fully moved in to the new location.


The Concierge Move continues to evolve and we find ourselves becoming a great resource for real estate brokers who can recommend our service to show their clients they are thinking and caring about them after the closing date. This enhances the broker’s ability to obtain satisfied referrals. Many brokers are gifting The Concierge Move to their clients as a closing gift, giving them a unique and tangible gift that will be truly appreciated. Next time the excitement of a closing comes your way, and then the reality of the move/in move out process looms overhead, please do not hesitate to think of PHM and The Concierge Move.