Hidden Hammocks / Butler Farms Monthly HOA Meeting

By:Nick Casamassimo - March 26, 2018


On 2/26/18 Hidden Hammocks / Butler Farms had their monthly HOA meeting with 13 homeowners attending, a marked improvement from last month.  The following items were discussed:

Owner delinquency was dramatically reduced from 80 homeowners to 40 homeowners, decreasing the amount owned to HIdden Hammocks / Butler farms to 80,000.  One of the reasons, according to M&M management was a second, more stern, letter to residents who have not paid their dues in 2017.  Despite this deficit, the association has a very healthy surplus of funds which will be used for enhancement purposes.  Some of the proposed items are:


  • New marquee at the entrance.


  • New LED lighting with updates in wiring infrastructure.


  • Fixing 2 non-working fountains.  This should be a very minimal cost to Hidden Hammocks / Butler Farms because they are under warrentee.


  • Replacing the damaged trees on wiles as well as along 64th dr.


  • Replacing wells at the front entrance.  Approval has been confirmed, however, cannot access because of the county construction on Wiles.


One of the residents complained of littering on 66th Ter and 64th Drive.  She explained that she would like some help as she has removed the trash herself on a continuous basis.  Board has recommended that the landscaping company can help pitch in when they cut the grass.

2 months ago a car was stolen from a resident who left the keys in the car.  After viewing the video footage it appeared there was 2 younger suspects one walking and one riding a bicycle.  They appear to be checking all cars parked on the street.  Those that are unlocked were searched and items of value were removed.  It is important that residents try to park on the driveway and keep their exterior lights on during the night.  More importantly, all residents can deter the majority of break ins by simply locking thier vehicles every time they leave them unattended. 

It was suggested to begin a Neighborhood Watch with Coral Springs Police Department's participation, however, board has informed that it would involve 90% participation of the residents.

I hope you enjoyed these unofficial minutes of Hidden Hammocks / Butler Farms HOA meetings, especially those of you who could not make the meeting.  I am excited to see the great surplus in our community and the decisions made to further beautify where we live.  I am especially excited to see the improvements to the marquee, which, if done right, really can appreciate the value of everyone's home. 

I shall see you at next months meeting. 


Nick Casamassimo